I have an amazing Muse Special for you for Private 1:1 Mentorship!
To grow your coaching business
and your visibility. And you.

Ready to create your coaching program, to Shine on Line and get your message out?

Would you like to....

  • Create your 1:1 Coaching program?  
  • Create a small group program?
  • Get clear on your ideal client.
  • Write your email sequence...delivering great content and in YOUR voice?
  • Feel confident and at ease doing video?
  • Know how to be and what to say when you're on a podcast, or interview, summit....everywhere you appear!
  • Have a business you love, helping the people you want and make money doing it.

Not quite sure how to put all the pieces together? Or even what the pieces are? 

Would you like to have your coaching business pieces in place? Videos.....freebies....email set up, scheduler, payment options, programs & offers created and designed, and attracting the clients you would love to work with?

I want to help you create the coaching business that YOU want to do. With pieces in place that beautifully offer next steps for the people you want to attract.

So you have a clear path for your clients to be guided on....like a lovely garden walk... to working with you.

Feel unclear on exactly what you offer?
Not sure how to make a freebie? Or how to set up an email system...a scheduler...an opt-in page.... and make them all connect and work seamlessly together?

Have you been told WHAT to do...but not HOW? The tech, the connections, how to create the things that make your business run?

I offer Coaching Just for You...creating with you. Focused, guided, doing the right things at the right time in the right order. To inspire you with ideas when you need them, and carry through your ideas and visions.

If you'd like clear, simple steps, how-to guidance, by a coach who knows you and what you want to do....and can help you create it and bring it to reality... And will bring you experience, know-how, and ideas to get you coaching in the way you want....

You need a Muse.

Inspiration. Creativity. Kind Direction.
and Fun.

If you've been wanting direction, accountability, hand-holding and step by step guidance on building your coaching business, doing a variety of visibility builders: workshops, building your email list, doing video~


Welcome to

Everything you need to know and how to do it.
Create the pieces that create your coaching business.

And you can do everything, or just the pieces you need.  

90 days of Mentoring/ 12 sessions/ Just For You. Or we can go faster!
Plus in between texts, emails, calls when you need on-the-spot help.

This is not a do-it-yourself course, that ends up on the shelf because you didn't keep up and fell behind with the trainings.  

You'll be guided, and directed, hands-on...I'll work with you on whatever you need:

  • creating your freebie
  • your opt-in page
  • setting up your email system
  • writing & setting up your email sequence
  • setting up your scheduler
  • the tech that makes it all work
  • and be clear on the important foundation beneath it all
  • create a workshop, webinar, group
  • get ready for Giveaways, Summits, Interviews
  • direction and help to create videos

Step by step, bite-sized lessons.....easy and clear for you. With me alongside you. Guiding, helping, making sure you are not overwhelmed, lost or stuck.

And we meet days & times that work for you. Even with your busy schedule.

It is my mission to help you shine yours.
So you can do the work you love, with the people you want, and make money doing it.

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All on your schedule.

All the How's, the When's, The Dos and the Don'ts.

Whether you need a freebie, an opt-in, landing page, some or all of the pieces that help you connect with your future and present clients, I can help you with that. The creation and the connecting, and all the things that go with it. 

I'll help you get comfortable on camera and look good.
And you'll practice before you put it out to the world.
So you feel confident and comfortable, proud when you see yourself on video.  

Taking leaps, owning your leadership, being visible can bring up a lot of feelings ~
you'll be able to talk about what's going on, what's got you stuck, what's got you scared.
I'll help you keep going forward and on track.  

All the tech parts. Uploads, embeds, urls, screenshots, thumbnails, short cuts, pdf's, links and log-ins. Things that click and download and connect to each other so they work and deliver what you want to your clients. So they work, smoothly and on their own.
All the how-tos. So you know how and can change, rewrite and update things in the future.
Or, if your don't give a hoot, I'll just do it for you.

I'll be your Director, Producer, Co-Writer, Idea Birther, Tech Tutor, Program Developer, Editor Quality Control.......pretty much all you need to create your coaching business and get it up and running smoothly, efficiently, and look like YOU...on line.

This is one of the biggest pieces of moving ahead, getting markety things done and building your business. I show up for you...so you show up for you. Together, we move forward. I've got you and I'll make sure you don't get too far behind. And you are not alone in this.

Personal 1:1 coaching just for you. On your schedule! 

We'll look at all 5 Steps of Visibility, as they relate to you and your work.
Step by step guidance. I'll be with you every step.
No waiting in line to get your questions answered, or help with you work.
It's all focused YOU time.

Ideas, Creation, Programs and Visibility.
Practice and direction for on camera.
Know-how for development and steps to take off camera.
And the accountability to keep you moving.

3 months of personal 1:1 coaching & support. On your time, on your schedule.

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$2997 value!

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when you use the 3 month or 6 month payment plan

a $2997 value!

Pay in Full

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When you Pay in Full

Total $1000 savings

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Your Muse Special....... $1597 price when you pay in full.

A $2997 Value
I normally offer this at $2497.

For You:
A Muse Special
$1597 Full Pay!

or $1897 when using my Easy Pay Plan ~
3 months or 4 months.
You'll see it all there, for you to choose, on the
payment page.  

You can be confident on video, do lives, video posts, create trainings, and create your own courses. Like these happy clients:

"Created My Video Course"

"Sheryl is a wonderful coach! I had no experience in front of a camera, and with Sheryl's help I was able to create an online video course and a successful telesummit in which I interviewed experts from around the country. Sheryl gave me helpful guidance about mindset, pacing, authenticity, set-up, and much more. Sheryl was masterful at keeping me accountable to my goals, while still being compassionate, patient, and supportive. She celebrated my small and large victories and was a steadying influence through the various stages of my project. Sheryl truly has a gift to inspire others and bring out their best! I could not have accomplished what I did without her!"  

Mary Wilde, MD Board-certified pediatrician, author, and mom of eight 

 "Stress Free..."

Sheryl totally removes the stress of being seen on camera. She made it all feel and look natural. Pressure was off me~ I could totally rely on her keen eye and skill. She remains calm, joyful and enthusiastic and that put me totally at ease. I could depend on her direction -she could ‘see’ me as the camera does and she's committed 200% to making her clients look fabulous! Noticing all the details. Wanting to look and sound good made me stressed out and stumble on my words. Sheryl patiently helped me get grounded. It’s fun and stress-free with her. She boosts your confidence and that shows in the video. Such a rewarding experience. Her direction and guidance is priceless.

Jo Nelsen, The Writing Coach
The Magic Writing Circle

"Built my confidence..."

I LOVE working with Sheryl. I didn't know anything about making videos or what to do with them before I worked with her. All that tech was frightening. She really helped highlight my magic ~ my paintings. Since working with her, I've been able to make many videos for my launch, and for nurturing my tribe. She built my confidence. She's helped me create my group program. And, I got the tech piece down! I kind of love making videos now!! The way she envisions creative videos that really capture you, your work and your uniquness, is amazing. Her kindness, calmness, joy in the work and belief in me...that's the best part.

Monica Armstrong Painter & Spiritual Counselor
Wisdom's Ways Workshops/Spirit Matters Studio

90 day of Mentoring for You, To Create Your Program, Your Visibilty and your On Camera Confidence.
Training, Coaching and Direction.

Use your 90 days for what you need most....video, freebie creation, email sequence set up, your program planning...or all of it.

We'll meet every week.

I've seen personal coaching courses for $5,000, $8,000...and more.

For my Creative Muse Community...

....$1597 when you pay in full!

An extra $300 savings!

$1400 total savings! 

$1897 with the 3 month payment plan...you'll see it on the payment page.

All options are on the payment page.

90 Days of Private Training, Coaching & Support
with Sheryl  

Value $2997

Regular Offer


$2997 value

For You Price 

When you use the 3 or 6 month payment plan  


when you Pay in Full !
Save $300 more!

$1300 total savings!

Put yourself in the best light...

With the foundation, the know-how and the confidence
to make your videos, your programs, and you, shine.

About Sheryl Director/Coach/Muse/Visonary Strategist 

Sheryl's background:  

  • Actress, VoiceOver Actress, Writer, and Coach.
  • Over 4 decades of show biz, in Hollywood.
  • Certified Coach in the Law of Attraction. Bachelor of Science in Art Ed. 
  • Perfomer, Producer & Director.  
  • Technical know how, Coaching skills, Artsy eye, Implementation savvy, and Intuitive sparkly magic...to help you feel confident & comfortable on video, take simple, easy sized steps, and Create the Pieces that Create Your Business.  

On Video, In Person, On stage. In Life.